We set up systems for business owners to make informed decisions and succeed.

Unveil what’s working, not working, and growth opportunities. We help reduce the risk of doing business with an approach used by Apple, Amazon, and major tech giants.

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In a month, this business learned about their customer’s pain points and identified new business and marketing opportunities.

No secrets.
Here's the formula.

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step 1

Start with discovery.

tech companies


Collect feedback from customers and staff with a simple, yet wildly effective method—sticky notes.


traditional business

No robust process

Feedback is acknowledged but not recorded methodologically. Owners often act on the words of few.

step 2

Watch everything unfold.

tech companies


The feedback exercise starts to reveal where your business needs desperate attention and room for new opportunities.


traditional business

No robust process

Without a process, significant issues surface too late. Owners take responsibility and rely on their intuition to call the right shots.

step 3

Full picture = big impact.

tech companies

Visibility is everything.

Feedback received, patterns revealed, changes made. Now that you see the full picture, you can easily call the shots.


traditional business

No robust process

Leaping into decisions introduce anxiety and stress over time. Confidence can erode and change is rare, resulting in stunned growth.


Making impactful business decisions are a universal pain point for business owners, and we're changing that.

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System setup.

We’ll setup a physical or virtual system for you and your staff to record observations and feedback.

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Staff training.

We’ll train your staff and leave handouts with directions on how to leave feedback on the board.

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We’ll monitor changes and schedule workshops with you to review and synthesize feedback.

put your business on auto-pilot

Made for all business owners.
Fixed at $3000/year: all-inclusive.

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Don’t fall short.
Know where you stand.

A good diagnosis yields quicker and healthier results. Answer these questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. These questions are part of the discovery phase, any agency will find your answers useful. And if you go with us, we’ve already started. Already saving you time and money.

An image of a doctor's office. Playground vision introduces small businesses to UX to help them make informed decisions, run efficiently, identify new business opportunities and areas for improvement.

Keep your staff close,
and customers closer.

Tech companies are great at listening to their customers and making incremental updates. They use UX practices, and you will too.

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Every dollar spent on UX brings in between $2 and $100 dollars in return.